emergency transport system
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When emergency transport is the immediate issue and 360° access is not necessary.

emergency transport system

11-3001 Body Burrito

Emergency Transport

• Safe and warm transport of people from fires, ski hills, and trauma sites
• Comfortably transfer elderly patients from care center or home to hospital and back again
• Manage infectious issues with a Disposable Liner –
Easy removal and replacement. Immediate turnaround Special Features of the Body Burrito
• High-visibility fluorescent shell
• Fleece lining offers instant warmth
• Two 15″ x 17″ pockets used to secure personal items and store EMS supplies and extra Disposable Liners
• Quick Grip Handles used for easy movement of patient
• Patient on backboard easily fits inside the Body Burrito
• The fleece-lined hood, an optional accessory, velcro to the top of the Body Burrito, enclosing the head and shoulders
The Body Burrito is completely washable

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The Body Burrito is a unique approach to emergency transport bedding. It provides a protective environment similar to that of the Rescue Wrap by using a high performance, all-weather shell that is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Rather than the synthetic down core provided in the Rescue Wrap, the Body Burrito is a one-piece unit lined in a high thermal-rating fleece.

The patient is secured into the protective Body Burrito by using a fast and easy wrap-and-buckle closure. The Quick Grip handles make moving patients easy and convenient. A patient on a
backboard easily fits inside the bedding. The Body Burrito will coordinate with a cascade toboggan, rescue basket, litter or stretcher to enhance the use of your current equipment.

Fleece-lined body wrap with carry handles, one 8″x8″ Heat Pack, 1 disposable Body Burrito liner, complete unit packed in a Wrap Sack

Dimensions: 33″ x 80″ (Girth up to 74″)  7.55 lbs / 3.42 kg

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