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The Rescue Wrap Junior helps manage the needs child patients and their families. Nothing is more reassuring to a family than knowing you are prepared to transport their precious cargo.

The Disposable Liners provide a clean surface for each patient, every time and are an integral part of the patented system.

The Rescue Wrap equipment is completely washable when necessary, and because of the unique construction, wash only the part that is soiled. Use hot water and no bleach.
Permanent-press dry for best results and to extend the life of the Rescue Wrap equipment.

Because of the unique needs of small patients, the Rescue Wrap Junior is designed for children allowing 360 degree patient access to EMS personnel.



Loaded with 2 Primaloft® insulated cores, top & bottom shell, 1 set of Disposable Liners, one 8″x8″ Reusable Heat Pack
Dimensions: 25″ x 57″ (Girth 46″) 6.10 lbs. / 2.77 kg.


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