Doctor Down® is a Montana company that designs and manufactures the world’s best Emergency Transport System known as The Rescue Wrap®. True to it’s name, the Rescue Wrap® provides unparalleled ease of use, convenience, durability, and patient comfort for emergency rescue.

In 1992, the crew of St. Patrick Hospital’s Life Flight in Missoula, Montana called Three Dog Down, (our sister company, the only natural down outlet in Montana), requesting help with a patient transport wrap.

They were dissatisfied with the standard blanket system. They challenged us to develop a lightweight emergency transport bedding system that would specifically address patient comfort (and crew safety). Regardless of patient size, they needed a system that provided easy, unlimited 360° access, durable materials, and comfortable warmth. The Rescue Wrap® answered all these needs and more.

Over the years, we have worked with multiple crews on the ground to develop the equipment you need, when you need it. Our Wraps are made right here in America, and we stand behind them 100%.

Doctor Down Rescue Wrap Emergency Transport Systems


Emergency Transport System

Emergency Transport System

The Hypothermia Offshore Survival System otherwise known as The H.O.S.S. has been developed to meet the extreme and specific needs of specialized rescue teams. It is designed to accommodate an accessory attachable insulated hood, allows 360 degree access to the patient like the Rescue Wrap, but closes to the underside to offer greater protection in extremely
wet environments and withstand helicopter down-draft.

The patented system incorporates:

  1. Fluid proof, wind proof, breathable orange shell.
  2. Removable synthetic down insulation cores.
  3. Protective Disposable Liners providing fast turn-around and infection control.
  4. Strategically placed pockets for heat/cold packs.
Emergency Transport System

Emergency Transport System

The Rescue Wrap is the best all-weather emergency wrap designed for medical transport. The orange shell and carry handles make it highly visible where traffic or security issues are critical.

This patented system addresses the challenge of providing comfort, easy unlimited patient access and environmental protection for patient and EMS personnel.

The complete Rescue Wrap unit is durable, versatile, washable and is constructed of:

  1.  A fluid proof, wind proof breathable shell that encases the synthetic down cores.
  2. Cores that velcro into place and can be added or removed to meet the needs of the patient and conditions.
  3. Disposable Liners that are replaced each time the Rescue Wrap is used providing a new, clean surface for every patient.
  4. Strategically placed pockets for heat/cold packs.
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