Heat Wrap – Reusable Heat Packs

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Reusable Heat Packs

Reusable Heat Packs

Reusable Heat Packs

1.35 lbs. / .61 kg.
NSN 6515-01-504-6096

These reusable packs contain sodium acetate – a food grade salt. By flexing the disk inside the heat pack, it causes a single crystal of the salt to form. This creates a chain reaction, causing the entire contents of the pack to change from a liquid to a crystal.

This chemical reaction creates heat (approx. 130° F or 54° C). Once triggered , place the heat pack in the pockets of the Rescue Wrap® systems to provide extra hypothermia resistance for your patients.

Refrigerate for cold pack use. If pack freezes, follow the recharge instructions on package.

Item # 33-3002 (8″x8″)
Detailed instructions on use and care included with order.

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While there are a few different types of heating pads, wraps, and packs, the ones that use a chemical reaction to provide heat are the most convenient, as they can be reused.

Exothermic crystallization, a very simple chemical reaction process, occurs inside of reusable hot packs. There are no limits to the number of times this process can occur. Every time a pack cools down to room temperature, the liquid hardens into a crystal state. When boiled in water, the crystals melt and become liquefied. The heat is stored and used once the pack is activated.

To ensure that the packs last for as long as they possibly can, you must know how to use and store them properly. During the boiling process, you want to stir the pack to prevent it from touching the bottom. For some packs, it’s recommended that you heat them in wrapped in a cloth. When storing hot packs and warmers, make sure they are in the liquid state.