Rescue Wrap

Military Uses

Rescue Wrap® Ranger //
ITEM #11-1011X
NSN: 6515-01-504-6091

Dimensions: 36″x80″
Weight: 14 lbs./6.35 kg.

The Rescue Wrap® Ranger meets the specific needs of specialized trauma teams and offers maximum protection when wet weather or helicopter down-draft is a factor. The black shell and carry handles make it desirable for military operations where quick-response and security issues are critical. The patented system addresses the challenge of providing comfort, easy unlimited patient access and environmental protection for the patient and provider. It is durable, versatile, and washable.

The Rescue Wrap® Ranger is the best all-weather emergency wrap designed for military medical transport.

Special features of the Rescue Wrap® Ranger:

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry (approx 12 lbs.)
  • Trip report secures in chest pocket
  • 360° patient access
  • Straps secure IV, monitor & oxygen equipment to the Rescue Wrap® Ranger
  • Can be modified for temperatures from 75° F to -40° F
  • Quick Grip Handles used for easy movement of patient
  • Accommodates virtually any size patient
  • Overall dimensions of closed Rescue Wrap® Ranger: 36″ x 80″

A complete Rescue Wrap® Ranger unit is constructed of:

  • Fluid -proof, wind-proof, breathable shell encases the insulation cores.
  • Natural or synthetic down cores velcro into place (cores can be added or removed to meet the needs of the patient).
  • Disposable Liners can be replaced each time the Rescue Wrap® Ranger is used so a new, clean surface is provided for every casualty.
  • Strategically placed pockets for heat/cold packs to warm patient or apply as a cold compress (two reusable heat/cold packs included).


  • Attachable Hood
  • Heat/Cold Packs
  • IV
  • Warm Wrap
  • Disposable Liners