Rescue Wrap

Rescue Wrap Junior/ Jr. B. //13-1001/14-1001

Dimensions: 25″x57″
Weight: 6.10 lbs./2.77 kg.

The Rescue Wrap® Junior Features:

  • Dimensions: 25 x 57 inches
  • Designed for children
  • 360° patient access
  • Heat/Cold Pack Pockets for reusable heat/cold packs

Jr. B
Dimensions: 15″x35″
Weight: 2.40 lbs./1.09 kg.

The Rescue Wrap® Jr. B Features:

  • Specially designed for the needs of infants.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 35 inches plus hood
  • Velcro closures on both sides of Rescue Wrap® Jr. B
  • Uses Disposable Liners for easiest clean-up and fastest turn-around
  • Rescue Wrap® equipment is completely washable

Unique needs of small patients require intentional planning.
The Rescue Wrap® Junior and Rescue Wrap® Jr. B help manage the needs of pint-sized patients and their families. Nothing is more reassuring to a family than knowing you are prepared to transport their precious cargo.
The Disposable Liners provide a clean surface for each patient, every time and are an integral part of the patented system.

The Rescue Wrap® equipment is completely washable when necessary, and because of the unique construction, wash only the part that is soiled. Use hot water and no bleach. Permanent-press dry for best results and to extend the life of the Rescue Wrap® equipment.
Because of the unique needs of small patients, we work closely with agencies to design comfortable blanket protection that will best fit the type of equipment and patients cared for.

Heat/Cold Packs IV Warm Wrap


Body Burrito // 11-3001
Dimensions: 33″x80″
Weight: 7.55 lbs./ 3.42 kg.

The Ultimate Transport Blanket
The Body Burrito is a unique approach to emergency transport bedding. It provides a protective environment similar to that of the Rescue Wrap® by using a high performance, all-weather shell that is waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable. The differences between the Body Burrito and the Rescue Wrap® are the high-thermal fleece lining and the design.

The patient is secured into the protective Body Burrito by using a fast and easy wrap-and buckle-closure. The Quick Grip handles make moving patients easy and convenient. A patient on a backboard easily fits inside the bedding. The Body Burrito will coordinate with a cascade toboggan, rescue basket, litter, or stretcher to enhance the use of your current equipment. Use Disposable Liners for the fastest turn-around time and management of infection control issues for patients and personnel. The Body Burrito is completely washable.
Safe and warm transport of people from fires, ski hills, and trauma sites.

When transport is the immediate issue and 360° access is not necessary,
The Body Burrito is the perfect solution.

Special Features of the Body Burrito

  • High-visibility fluorescent shell.
  • Fleece lining offers instant warmth.
  • Two 15″ x 17″ pockets used to secure personal items and store EMS supplies and extra Disposable Liners.
  • Quick Grip Handles used for easy movement of patient.
  • Patient on backboard easily fits inside the Body Burrito.
  • The fleece-lined hood, an optional accessory, velcros to the top of the Body Burrito, enclosing the head and shoulders.
  • The Body Burrito is completely washable.

Heat/Cold Packs IV Warm Wrap Disposable Liners


The H.O.S.S. // 11-1011
Dimensions: 37″x80″
Weight: 14 lbs./6.35 kg.

Hypothermia Offshore Survival System

Doctor Down® has worked closely with many organizations and specialized medical teams in developing our products. We are confident Doctor Down® equipment offers leading edge design and materials for current and future care issues.
The Hypothermia Offshore Survival System, otherwise known as
THE H.O.S.S., has been developed to meet the extreme and specific needs of specialized rescue teams. It is designed to accommodate an attachable insulated hood, allows 360° access to the patient like the Rescue Wrap®, but closes to the underside to offer greater protection in extremely wet environments and to withstand helicopter down-draft.

The Patented 3-Part System Incorporates:

  • Fluid -proof, wind-proof, breathable shell.
  • Removable insulation cores.
  • Protective Disposable Liners – providing fast turn-around and infection control.
  • Strategically placed heat/cold pack pockets to warm or cool patient (two reusable heat/cold packs included).

Special Features of The H.O.S.S.® 360° patient access

  • Chest level pocket on top of the outside for trip – transport papers
  • Tabs along the top of the shell to secure IV, O2, and/or lead lines
  • Insulation Cores can be removed or doubled
  • Quick Grip Handles used for easy movement of patient
  • Pocket between the wrap straps on the bottom ofthe bag to hold small EMS supplies or personal items
  • High-visibility orange color

Attachable Hood Heat/Cold Packs IV Warm Wrap
Disposable Liners Husky Panels


Rescue Wrap // 11-1001
Dimensions: 37″x 80″
Weight: 14 lbs./6.35 kg.

The Rescue Wrap® is the best all-weather emergency wrap designed for medical transport. The orange shell makes it highly visible where traffic or security issues are critical. Carry handles aid in rapid transport of patient. This patented system addresses the challenge of providing comfort, easy unlimited patient access and environmental protection for the patient and EMS personnel.
A complete Rescue Wrap® unit is durable, versatile, washable, and is constructed of:

  • An outer shell of a durable, high performance, waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable fabric, washable in standard laundry facilities.
  • Removable natural or synthetic down insulation cores which can be removed, doubled or tripled to meet all season, all weather requirements. Adjusts easily to accommodate conditions from 75° F to -40° F, offering superior hypothermia management.
  • Disposable inner liners which provide each patient with a clean surface. Liners address infection control issues and increase the usability of the wrap system.
  • The integration of the fluid-proof shell and the Disposable Liner create a body fluid containment package that eliminates much of the labor intense clean-up of equipment and reduces laundry costs. As the only emergency transport bedding system with six layers of protection, the Rescue Wrap® plays an important role not only in the patient’s comfort, but also in protecting EMS personnel from infectious body fluids.

Attachable Hood Heat/Cold Packs IV Warm Wrap Disposable Liners Husky Panels