Doctor Down Rescue Wrap

Rescue Wrap®

The Best All-Weather Emergency Wrap Designed for Medical Transport

Rescue Wrap®The Rescue Wrap® is the best all-weather emergency wrap designed for medical transport. The orange shell makes it highly visible where traffic or security issues are critical. Carry handles aid in rapid transport of patient. This patented system addresses the challenge of providing comfort, easy unlimited patient access and environmental protection for the patient and EMS personnel.

A complete Rescue Wrap® unit is durable, versatile, washable, and is constructed of:

1. An outer shell of a durable, high performance, waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable fabric, washable in standard laundry facilities.

2. Removable natural or synthetic down insulation cores which can be removed, doubled or tripled to meet all season, all weather requirements. Adjusts easily to accommodate conditions from 75° F to -40° F, offering superior hypothermia management.

3. Disposable inner liners which provide each patient with a clean surface. Liners address infection control issues and increase the usability of the wrap system.

4. The integration of the fluid-proof shell and the Disposable Liner create a body fluid containment package that eliminates much of the labor-intensive clean-up of equipment and reduces laundry costs. As the only emergency transport bedding system with six layers of protection, the Rescue Wrap®plays an important role not only in the patient's comfort, but also in protecting EMS personnel from infectious body fluids.

Rescue Wrap®In response to EMS and SAR requests, the Rescue Wrap® system features:

• Pre-warming system. • Trouble-free patient loading and access. • Secure medical record compartment on outer shell. • Tabs and straps to secure equipment during transfers and trips. • Accessories such as an IV Warm Wrap and attachable hood.

The Doctor Down® Rescue Wrap® is unparalleled when it comes to reliability, durability, and effectiveness.
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